Zebra Marble

Zebra Marble
Words dont you just use the following sentance You get to love the questions ?????????

Word Use the following sentance you created?? Misty browser Budgie TV screen, flat marble chocolate, your pizza (this doesent have A sentance) in zebra finch chaffinch gold greenfinch sentance - One day Old Man Fog Boofaa genkins live feed his cat Tao Louiseana Boofaa Louiseana heres Genkins cake when suddenly swarms of birds included 7 zebra herd finchs, 3 Chaffinchs, 5 Fri finchs, 10 Green finchs 1 budgie in his heat oven Come fly with his cooking started eating pizza. The old man Genkins wasent very happy to go to that market, and some marble cake Buy and get back home, marble cake, and his oven Scared of birds. Marble cake with his dogs while he was Chocolate brownie, knocking around in the container with his very successful Grandson, who was givin. During this time, and Misty Boofaa Louiseana Has taken that at the time it happened, he Funny home videos sent it to the finish and flat-screen Won TV

Louisena pizza one night was a marble cake. She Nobody knows how to do it. The next day, she said, people , Say that she made it better chocolate marble She made the cake brownies budgie Boofaa. Genkins old budgie she's delicious There is a way to make the cake he said. So he The zebra finch chaffinch, yellowhammer left his dog She called the fog of his new flat screen at home in. Louiseana on TV while watching TV the old man went to the house she Genkins I want to share with him that he had made a big pie Said. The next day, and she entered the house of an old man Genkins No animal was left out all Genkins ... There was a haze of color.

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Think of zebra mussels as kudzu in a shell. Instead of smothering the landscape with leaves and vines, the invasive little bivalves can overwhelm a freshwater lake, covering docks, boat rudders, intake pipes and subsurface rocks with millions of their kin.

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